Our Hysterics Developers have been implementing their knowledge of bits and bytes into writing the code which will eventually create wonderful Apps for for the Mobile and Web based products of our clients as well as our in-house curious product line.

Solution is always simple....

We just need to stick to basics


Someone said IDEA IS THE KING. Thinking is a filtering process in which we evaluate all the angles of our solutions to the problem presented in front of us. So, it starts with thoughts.


There could be 100 ways a problem can be fixed and there we need to further filter our thoughts through a virtual machine kind of scenario. It goes to TRY.


Once you have tried various solutions you have thought now its time to recognize the optimum one and implement it.


We create brands and apps people love and activate them across digital media.

Hysterics Solutions is a brain child of a small team of creative and innovative technocrats. We aim at developing the Apps which are life-solving kinda utility. Along with this we also help our clients in developing their IDEAS into an App by offering our services. IT has been really successful in transforming the way people use to do business, communication and even travelling. Now, its the mobility which has really touched the lives of millions. Its really a wonder how a small mobile phone is changing the healthcare industry and how it has brought people closer who are seas apart. Continuing with the same trend we aspire to deliver the mobile solutions which will contribute in making life easier via mobile and web.

We have maintained a great balance in our portfolio. Apart from developing our own projects on web and mobile platform we have also worked on several projects of our clients to help them develop their own product. It gives us an advantage of sharing the experience with our clients and making a better product out of it. Talking about the technology platform we have experience on developing mobile apps on Android and iOs along with this we carry on web development on LAMP and WAMP platforms which includes expertise on various CMS such as Wordpress, Drupal, Joomal and Magento.

iphone & Android Mobile App Development 90%
CRM 80%
Web Design 90%
Web Development95%

Tools and Technologies we use...

Its an art and we know how to use the colors.
itembase - Intelligent eCommerce

"As a result of our Strategic Partnership you will now have access to industry leading Business Insights that allow you to educate yourself on exactly what to do to grow your business. itembase will enable you to benchmark your internal performance within a network of over 160,000 online merchants, will help point out what aspects of your business need the most attention, as well as help you decide what to do next.

Not only does itembase allow you to understand your business in a completely different way, but you will also be able to see and understand what else your shoppers buy from stores outside of yours.

itembase Business Insights will be built into every eCommerce Project that we set up and will become available for you to use, completely free of charge."



We cover the technologies in trend and gives a one-stop solutions to the clients. It starts from consulting, designing, development, testing and integration.

Our very talented and creative pool of offshore artists/partners have been in collaboration with us to create a great UX and prepares an elegant front-end for the products.

  • Web Design
  • Design for Mobile

Our development team covers nearly all spheres of software development to provide all development solutions under one roof covering the technologies such as .Net, Java, Android, iOs and PHP/Wordpress, CSS and HTML.

  • Enterprise Application Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Ecommerce
  • Web Development

Using our risk-based approach to Quality Assurance we will help you set up a process to apply the appropriate level of QA to your projects.

  • Black-Box Testing
  • White Box Testing


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